Budweisers cheap Beer Brands

lets be honest, typically everything goes about how to be wasted at lowest possible costs. One alternative is Bud Ice,  that is a canned ice beer with 5.5 % alc. Vol.

Well the taste is… I’ll report again soon

Ryobi Tek4

so yes, this is weird. Ryobi has always been a Home Depot Brand, kind off, that actually allowed them to market some China made tools at prices closer to Harbor freight Tools but with nicer marketing and higher profits. Right now I am concerned about the Tek4 series.  I like the Ryobi approach of enthusiast hi-tech tools at low prices but would like to have some long term commitment regarding the Batteries and Chargers.  I also observed that a lot of professional contractors are using Ryobi tools, apparently it works for them.

I do have the Tek4 HP53L the RP4010 and that a really nice distance measurer, the flashlight RP4400 and the thermometer. Those are all very nice but it would good too to have a commitment on the product support from the manufactuer

Hasselblads Future

is bright !

The simple reason for this is that the whole Photo marketplace is in some instances comparable to the automotive sector.  This approach is not getting us from A to B with rational, economical and lasting means, no, or should I say hell,no! The way we are driving or taking pictures is based on a complex relationship between us, the gear and the society. Photographers are just like drivers, they are frustrated because they are struck in traffic. The Ferrari, or Leica won’t resolve fundamentals but make something clear, like a swiss timepiece on your forearm would. This is not about pictures, transportation or Time. This is about the image you would like to create, about yourself, your power, in the marketplace of influence you are in.

My Resume

I don’t usually take a lot of pride at market myself,  I’m trying to keep my ego at a humble level of realistic self esteem instead of constantly blowing it up to new unknown levels.  There are few things I am really proud of because I thing that I am never good enough, I need to learn more, and I see the big guys that are actually better than me.

But there might be one instance in the field of practiced work out there, were I’m now thinking: after over 20 years managing in the field of various retail industry environments, I might now know a trick or two.

In fact, picture me as the typical floor manager you’ll meet in the isles of big box retailers. Think of me as being friendly, engaged, helpful and consistently going above and beyond in customer service. This includes internal customers.

From an employers prospective, I am reliable, have in depth product knowledge, good logistic knowledge, know how to train and motivate people, very good at retaining people and building up team spirits and synergies, keep an eye on corporate metrics, always a personal word for co-workers, focused on sales and corporate governance, loyal, flexible, multi-tasking, etc… blah blah blah…

I’ll tell you in all modesty, if you have a big store and are looking for an asst. Manager, you’ll be the happiest entrepreneur on earth to have me as loyal, committed and competent employee in that position. Honestly, I know the industry and I know how hard I can work and everything but hiring me right on the spot is just a huge missed opportunity and a passive waste of resource for any retail employer.

Well, they probably do so because they don’t know better, meaning that when HR reads the resume I sent them for a specific position, their perception obviously must be different from the reality since they are not jumping on the phone screaming: ‘We need that guy!’.

My phone remained silent since my last attempts to sparkle a little bit of energy and excitement over the online application process.

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong, my resume is not reflecting who I am… or, the retail industry is now interested in different people? I will find out soon.

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